Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice was one of those things that I had always wished to try cooking, but never got around to it. It seemed all to troublesome. Some time last month however, I decided that trouble or no trouble, I was going to make myself some homestyled Hainanese chicken rice.

I searched around for an authentic looking chicken rice recipe, and settled on the one by Amy Beh. It can be found here. I used a smallish kampung chicken as the meat is usually leaner and more tender. If you ask me, preparing the condiments was a little more troublesome than preparing the chicken and the rice. The chicken turned out very tender and tasty, despite the fact that I cooked it slightly longer because I didn’t want it to be bloody inside. I was too lazy to roll the rice into balls but it tasted good anyway. The recipe is definitely a keeper. The chilli sauce recipe was rather good and packed quite a spicy punch. The minced ginger condiment was a little too spicy for my liking and so I added a little chicken soup to dilute it. I discovered though, that the hubby did not care much for chicken rice condiments. I can probably save some time the next round.


  1. I find that the hardest part about HCR is cutting up the chicken.

    For me, I prefer a chili-garlic-lime condiment over anything else.

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